The Next Steps of Our Journey

Foreword to the Next Step of Our Journey
The ways we have been utilizing the worlds resources, to explore our reality and ourselves, have only gotten us so far. Therefore, we need new approaches towards all known sciences, our world and our understanding of energy. If we try – following the higher order ways - to understand our world, what it is made of, and ourselves, we enter into a transition towards a development of the higher order sciences, and towards a higher awareness lifestyle.

Today, a lot of effort is put into producing new technologies, mechanical innovations, and the sciences to accommodate these.[1] In contrast to this, the transition approach focuses on developing the human species into the highest version, we can become. And, to be able to reach the apex of human civilization, humanity has to grow from what they are into a new way of being human. The goal is to reach what is called a higher order civilization and it follows the standards of the many higher order human races existing in other realities adjacent to ours.

The Higher Order Society
The higher order society depends on conscious evolution to develop everything a human is and can become, but it also rests upon human entrepreneurship, innovations and new solutions for the challenges at hand. Nevertheless, these solutions are only achievable if humans choose to evolve. To achieve the needed solutions for our current natural resource distribution issues, climate changes and human health problems, humans must mature and progress. They have to evolve, and choose that as a dedicated and purposeful way of living. Our current mindset and ways of living are disastrous, not only to ourselves but to all lifeforms around us. We are killing our world by what we have become and the ways we live.

It is time to change that. To change humanity into becoming a high-performance culture, with high capacity and higher awareness based upon a scientific approach without spirituality and religion. It is time to generate a world population who has it as part of their lives to evolve, and contribute to a higher order society from the highest levels of awareness and understanding. Now is the time to take full responsibility for the continued future of humanity and our continued evolution. As one race on one planet, working towards the common goal of a better future for us all.

The steps towards a high-performance culture are simple:
  1. We develop the abilities to administer higher awareness.
  2. We develop the higher order society that will arise from such a higher awareness, with empathy and understanding.
  3. The skills and technologies for space travel, using the alien technology we already are in the possession of, are to be made public knowledge, as well as making it known to the public that interdimensional travel is possible. The ability to reach other worlds, with other forms of matter and energetic compositions, are already part of a universal collaboration, secret organizations have been part of for decades.
  4. We meet these otherworldly human races and learn to collaborate with them. Not as students of their societies because they live in ways, we are not copy, but with our higher knowledge and understanding of the different choices of what it means to be human.
  5. We expand our perception of time, matter, gravity, and reality to go beyond all known barriers.
  6. We develop our organic vessels, using the correct understanding of energy and how to develop our higher and lower order genetics in the template, energy system and body, and from that expand our civilization to the other planets in our solar system – as our human race used to be able to. We do that to counteract the existing secret alien-human developmental programs that have been running for around 50 years to allow for an enhanced human race, using alien-humanoid genetics.
  7. We break down the concept of “being alone in this quadrant” because we finally understand energy, time, gravity and dimensions to be much more than what we currently think.

These are the steps towards a high-performance culture and the new ways of being human. The challenges for humanity are not only to reach and colonize the Moon and Mars, but to breach the limitations of mind, sciences and the current understanding of what a human is. It is a race for higher consciousness and the technologies, which can unfold from that.

We embark on this journey and these goals to ensure a progressive, knowledgeable and empathic foundation of our continued human race to avoid a future built upon all forms of AI, weather modification technologies, quantum computer sciences, human-to-machine interface technologies, augmented and virtual realities run by cubes, holographic brain-induction technologies to amplify the synaptic neural network, artificial organ production using a mix of microbiology and nanotubes with enhanced DNA from other non-human species, generating hybrid humans as well as leading to the development of the semi-organic clones, androids and robotoids.

The goal is also to stand against all forms of human DNA engineering, alteration, reduction, selection, and similar approaches, which will lead to the non-natural work with the human genome, thinking that DNA editing will ensure a perfect human and remove diseases. But the fact is, that the human DNA is not made out of mechanical stuff that can be tampered with without consequences.

The human genome is interconnected in ways, we are yet to learn, as well as the logical influence from wrongful diet, stressful ways of living and all of the other forms of influence, we have on our DNA as it has been shown in epigenetics. That includes diseases, we normally think as heritable. It is more logical to change the ways, we live, than to begin DNA editing and then still keep up the ways that make us ill. Humans are eager to fix things but not so eager to remove the cause, since that demands changes and letting go of ideas and ways of living, we think are important to us. 

And, as I will try to explain like many before me, all diseases are the end-result of wrongful use of energy and consciousness, including DNA mutation, recessive genes and heritable changes in the genome.

All of these technologies are the building blocks behind the agenda of the new human programs, enhanced by technology, and they are in the making. Some of these technologies are already developed, implemented into the human brain by alien holographic information induction technologies, giving eager humans the information to do the exemplification and the seeding in of these technologies and sciences.

For now, most of the futuristic technologies are in their making, partially implemented, partially in their holographic otherworldly dimensional forms, and most need more time to fully develop into our world as a manifest reality and in that process, humans – that choose the higher order society - must stop developing and utilizing these innovations to avoid the full scale implementation of the AI-humanoid races. These innovations and technologies will not assist humanity.

[1] I have to add here that all current sciences, technologies and innovations are lightyears away from the true technologies, we could have developed, if humanity had stayed on the developmental path, they were seeded into eons ago. These technologies are part of the original buildup of the true human consciousness and knowledge base, implemented into the true human template and genetics, with the goal of evolving different true human races, all holding the abilities to develop our solar system by being able to enter the core facilities underlying the construction of our solar system. These were engineered by the master builders – an extreme advanced ancient human race - which constructed our solar system to begin with.