Standing Impeccable and Why

Before we even begin to work on a collective level to change our world, from a higher awareness standpoint, we have to clear out our lower personality structure, the emotional and mental fields and then the template. When we have done that, we can begin to focus on the collective clearing work to make a better world.

Until we are in full control of our energy, will the rebuilding work - and the collective clearing work - not work in the way we want it to unfold. We need to be impeccable and stand sovereign in all ways to be able to withstand the forces, which do not want change, or has a different future in mind for our human race and world.

Humanity, as a whole, has to deal with the anti-consciousness factions, running the holographic-negative-organic adjacent and parallel worlds dating back to the old humanoid colonization. These factions have generated a lot of false time matrices, and a lot of false history to control humanity and lead them away from their true origin and purpose. They still have a huge impact on all contemporary humans are doing.

We need to deal with the anti-life factions that contaminated our DNA, as well as producing the current genetic composition to be able to regain the correct organic vessel, and upgrade this energetically to become non-pollutive and harmless to our reality - right now humans are harmful to our world. Not only in their thoughts, emotions and actions but also in their very being due to wrongful use of energy and resources.

And then, there is our joint work,as a race, to clear out the anti-energy factions, which are still running contemporary humanity inside our world - not from other dimension but as part of our world - under the remaining lineages, i.e. the old factions and their human projects dating back to Lemuria, Atlantis, Mesopotamia and Egypt under the failed 3rd, 4th and 5th cycles.

However, we will only work with the progression side of things, not the anti-progression levels to avoid enforcing them, however we will do the clearing work of whatever is in our fields. We will do the "work around approach" by working on an individual level first, and then - if possible - on the collective level to achieve the the highest purity rate, the highest standards and the highest progression rate because these three things counteract the following:

  • the highest purity rate of the organic vessel to ensure the highest form of purified energy, i.e. undoing the genetic tampering from other parallel system original human races to undo the contamination (aka the fallen systems or anti-life worlds) that followed the Electric Wars and the destroyed earth system Gaia in the 7th dimensional to 10th dimensional parallel contaminated (fallen) earth systems such as Tiamat and Nibiru, and systems we do not know the name of in these parallel contaminated worlds, having used other lifeforms in lesser developed systems to undo their contamination and consequently genetic breakdown (soul genetic fragmentation that follows the contamination) as well as our solar system to ensure their own survival. These races have used Orion technologies to reverse engineer the original Sirian-Pleiadian developmental technologies to take over universal systems for experimental usage to continue their own regressed lifeforms, bringing back what they produce to their contaminated systems in parallel worlds connected to our solar system, using humans in this and other worlds to do so.
  • amplifying the highest good in all, the highest standards to generate the correct use of life force according to the principles, ensuring an energy system that develops true consciousness, i.e. undoing all anti-consciousness artificial and holographic technologies from the 5th regressed parallel Sirian and Pleiadian systems under the Orion-Vega human-humanoid races to develop artificial reversed timelines and time matrix systems, generating false perception fields, false inner holographic worlds with artificial holographic technology link up to sustain organic vessels from the past time matrices in these regressed worlds, producing genetics to sustain these vessels in stasis, while operating in our system - and others - using android forms in the organic worlds, or their holographic forms in the artificial inner worlds, they have generated, to make humans produce genetics and energies to undo their regression and contamination via inserted false timeline and time matrix code sheets in the human energy system. All to generate false perception fields from where they can harvest what they need to revive their own vessels and energy systems.
  • and the highest progression rate to ensure the higher order consciousness that builds the highest forms of worlds, using correct progression sciences, developmental technologies, etc to develop all life forms to be able to participate in higher order systems of the true human races, i.e. undoing all anti-energy technologies, aka Greys and their reality control technologies from systems that have now gone fully android and use these vessels to continue their evolution here, generating hybrids of questionable genetic composition as well as the remaining anti-life and anti-consciousness systems still operating in our solar system from parallel and future earth. We are here dealing with the current races that have grown out of the past anti-life and anti-consciousness races and their genetic experimentation, and the worlds this has led to - including the new types of humans that have been seeded on our planet, bridging these races to our world in an attempt for full take over.
    With that - in the years to come - we will develop new ways of being human. The first steps are the understanding of energy, then how to develop ourselves and how to be in the world with a higher awareness.

    To keep the highest purity rate of our organic form, we have to be impeccable in all we do. And that includes what we eat, how we treat the resources of our planet, and all that live and thrive in our reality. Anything else leads to distortion and the breaking down of energy.