5 Ways To Boost Your Energy Performance

We all want more out of life, right?  Well, how do we get that?
I am not going to sweet-talk you and say that all humans can achieve the high performance abilities, a human is capable of obtaining. It takes will, daily effort and full commitment that supports the energy work and goal setting in this. Its like training to a marathon.

All changes and higher performance  begin with the energetic correct buildup of our mental, emotional and body fields - and the ability to work with these - as well as the will to reach full clarity and understanding of how our reality works. Because that will change, when you decide to become a progression human.

It is not created by magic, affirmations and energy control using symbols as it has been done in many of the old teaching systems, abusing the energies of our reality. No, it is done through will, understanding, knowledge and a correct understanding of how to connect to our reality energetically - not by using fairies, devas or other astral entities: No, we go for the higher advanced capacity where we get the direct link-up in a scientific framework. Because our world is built upon higher order sciences - very advanced and beyond anything humans know of yet.

The progression work is about regaining our true human core strength, and potentials, and moving forward as a deliberately chosen to be progressive human, wanting to develop by following the original energetic laws, rules and principles of our world and learning the hows to grow into an expanded universal consciousness structure, where we regain our connection with the other full human universal races, telepathically and energetically. 

Our goals of higher performance are not personal but universal. We do not just do it for ourselves, but for humanity as a whole - as in for the highest good of all races that exist in our universe and the universes we are part of. 

A progression human is living in all worlds, perceiving these energetically and at the same time learning to express - again - this into our current reality (notice the word current reality - the now is about being in contact with the energy of our world). Something we have totally forgotten. It is not a matter of being "spiritual" - its a matter of being able to work with and in all dimensions (spatial features of other worlds) and densities (energetic settings of these worlds and their lifeforms). 

So, where do you start?

Here are 5 steps to higher performance in your energy work:

1. Get a grip of your diet. Turn into a plant-fruitarian. I have found a random blog on the internet explaining how you can change your diet into a high performance diet. There are plenty of ideas out there on how to do this, and the steps towards this type of diet. If you ask why do you have to do that - its a matter of flow of energy. You need to have a diet based upon natural energy that is part of the natural settings of our world and not processed, dead and non-energetic foods. If you eat death, you become death.

2. Include daily physical training at some point, when you have mastered the change of diet, and adapted your body to function with the different type of energy and protein structure that is in the plant-fruitarian diet. The more energy work you are doing, the easier it is to get fulfilled by the lighter form of food because your cells begin to absorb energy from the living energy food, and the energy work you do will add the needed flows of energy in your energy system to support the cells from within, changing the body set up from getting all energy from the food into also accessing and getting energy from within. 

3. Get a grip of your daily energy work. Doing energy work is not just a matter of meditating in the morning and evening. Its a matter of removing low-density webs, energy parasites, clogged up mental energies, clogged up emotional energies, clearing of limiting belief systems, subconscious blocking ideas of yourself, what you can do and what you can perform in this world. You are to be able to detect at any time of the day the different energies in and around you so you can change, clear and delete what is going on - in that moment - as well as learning to clear, detect and administer your emotional and mental fields as in what you feel and think in that moment. That is a lifelong progression process. So, your energy work is a way to live and experience life and yourself as an energetic being.

4. Understanding the progression work and how it applies to your life, performance, and interaction with other humans. We are not enclosed containers; we are flows of energy and energy fields that expands and as we grow in energetic strength we affect other humans and our surroundings. We have to take this into consideration in our daily goal setting and what we want to achieve that day. What we want to perform energetically, as well as what the progression rate should be from that. 

5. Learning to administer your energy system, the consciousness genetics you have as well as how to administer the progressive and supporting technologies put there as part of the original construction and progression path. Yes, you heard me. Now, the low-density races have used the technology  of our system against us and added more of their own so, of course, we have to clear out their inserted and dysfunctional technology that blocks us. But, at some point, you will discover the "benevolent" holographic technology the energy system holds as part of its original set up. These technologies will allow you to get access to your own memory store devices, the repair scanning devices etc and what else you can think of creating in the holographic energies your energy system is made of. With this ability, you can also add in more coding and holographic language to amplify specific forms of genetics, consciousness types and sub-coding to make the template perform certain tasks; again naturally in the understanding of progression work and what you are here to achieve as a progression human, doing the work to develop, support and sustain the highest good of the many and in that, allocating the true creational and manifestation energies of our reality - all with the goal of getting this overflow of natural supportive energy back into our reality. 

These are the main 5 ways to boost your performance in your energy work (and in life) and the foundation of all of your goal setting. Everything is energy and consciousness and the true holographic technology used to develop the human races is made of this too. All holographic technology can be deleted by will and the understanding of how it is constructed, and what type of genetics that runs it - aka backtracking it to the races that created it and from that deleting the genetics as well as the technologies to allow for your own holographic technology and original genetics to function again.

Or deleting that too and just go with the natural settings of consciousness genetics and energy. We can shift between these different states of simpler ways of existing and more advanced states, all depending on what future eventline we want to position ourselves into and what type of energy we want to work with there to develop our consciousness genetics (consciousness genetics are the bits that generate the consciousness fields of our energy system using energy to unfold their content).

The challenge is to get there, learn to use it and do it on a daily basis. And, of course, to get rid of all limitations you have in your understanding of what it means to be a full progression human in a holographic reality field based upon densities and dimensions, currents, flows, holographic language, an five-field energy system based upon consciousness genetic and energy set up, which unfold the physical body, what you attract in life, what you are here to experience and how all that you are surrounded by will mirror what you hold energetically of current and unfinished business from this and other reality fields - all stored in your template to be acted out in this life for you to master and progress.